Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy 125th, Redondo Beach

Redondo was originally a part of a 1785 Rancho San Pedro land grant. By 1890, there were 603 residents and they incorporated on April 29, 1892.  The Chowigna Indians  were their neighbors and they  lived, largely, off of sea bass, lobster, halibut and the salt trade.  The wetlands around the AES power plant were once a salt lake, unconnected to the ocean.  Just a stand-alone lake.

The estimated population in 2015, 123 years later, was 68,000.  My, my, how you have grown!

The ceremonies planned for tomorrow - Saturday - to celebrate this birthday are rather modest.  Ruby's Diner, down by the water has generously offered a part of their parking lot for a display of old cars.  As the old car society routinely meets there, this is not exactly Midas generosity, but still ... a gesture in the right direction.

Then these old cars will be a sort of  a moving display as they are driven leisurely to be part of the excitement at the Queen Anne House and Morrell House Living Museum, located in Dominguez Park on Flagler, between 190th and Beryl Streets.  Of note, there is also a very nice dog park if you'd like to bring yours. 

What surprised me the most was to discover that Wilderness Park, a 10-acre parcel off Knob Hill, was a Nike missile base from 1956 to 1963!    It is a 10-acre parcel, fenced with a gate, concrete pads (formerly rocket launch pads?)  for the barbecue and outdoor chairs, nice shady trees, sunlight grass and a little stream for the kidlets to splash around in.  Ersatz "campers" can spend the night there for a small fee.  . 

Redondo Union High School graduates include Charles Lindbergh, Demi Moore, Tom and Dick Smothers. 

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