Thursday, April 20, 2017

And They Call Themselves "Women"?

For centuries women have been praised for "being strong."  And not just for birthin' babies; you will notice, however, that God, in His wisdom, gave the tough work to women ... Gentlemen, consider birthing a 10 lb. bowling ball from any of the orifices below the belt line.  How does that feel? 

Think back to all you have read and the photos you have seen ... the pioneer women, stuck for months in a wooden wagon as they were transported across state lines that didn't even exist back then.  Look back to WW2 and female plane delivery pilots, Rosie the Riveter - a time when women stepped in and took up the slack when the men went to war.  Now flash forward to the women who are now in combat situations and fought to get to them.

Now look at today's sorry excuses for women.  I am referring to all of the poor little sexually harassed women who jes' din't know  what to do when that mean old man said all them terrible thangs to them!

Women who were traumatized anywhere from three days ago to 13 years and who still haven't figured it out.  Their first reaction is to find some other man to defend them, sue the bastard and get her a batch of money for a situation that could been stopped if the woman had even the remotest scintilla of initiative.

Sexual harassment is one of the easiest matters in the world to deal with.  Some man says something insulting, revolting, disgusting - whatever it is that offends you.  All you have to do as a woman is look the offender in the eye and say, "That's not acceptable.  Don't do it again."  I don't care if it's the janitor or the CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation.  It works. 

If he touches you inappropriately i.e. at all, rear back, look down your nose and say the same thing.

Why am I so sure?  Back in the '70s I worked as an assistant to the CEO of the Antelope Valley Land Company, a man named Gene Girard (later indicted for selling the same land multiple times.)   This was the era of micro minis and we all wore them. 

One fine day, Girard, notorious for liking the ladies, called me in to his office and said, fretfully, "I can't understand this (gesturing at papers on his massive desk) - come around here and show me."

Not thinking anything about it, I walked around the desk corner, bent over and began pointing at various items on the paperwork.  And then I felt a stealthy hand creeping up the back of my left thigh.  I must have jumped at least two feet, whirled, shook my finger in his face and said, "Don't you EVER do that again!"  He shrank in on himself and apologized.  No hard feelings; he'd tried something; I stopped him and he got the message.  It became a joke between us - "Come around this side (wheedling)"  and I would draw myself up and respond, "As if" and we'd both laugh. 

Sexual harassment is a Do It Then event.  Don't sit on your money-grabbing keister for 13 years or longer and then cry the blues.  Women don't do that.  Professional victims do.  And for God's sake, don't wail that "He took advantage of me because I'm a woman."  You're not and most likely never will be.

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