Friday, April 21, 2017

At the Annual Mammogram

I had an appt. this morning.  Since it had been awhile, I was asked to fill out forms.  We're all used to this, right?

One question spurred me to genius though ...

#14  Is there any chance you may be pregnant?
Not unless there's a star in the East was my written reply. 

Mammograms have a bad rep that could be lightened considerably if they pointed out to their patients that you don't get weighed (no woman enjoys that) and you don't get the boa constrictor around your arm with the BP cuff. 

Furthermore activist groups are apparently unaware that the mammogram staff is always, 100 per cent female.  The woman may have a male ob/gyn who has already not only seen but palpitated her breasts.  It seems a little forgetful? shall we say to have no male technicians.  They don't have to be 100% hetero to start; hire some qualified gay guys. 

You could have a very pleasant conversation during a very unpleasant exam with a good chat about shoes or Nordstrom Rack half-off sales.  Perhaps a shared love of Judy Garland? Exam ends with a rousing rendition of "Over the Rainbow"? 

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