Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Best I Could Do...

The other day I speculated here on where priests and nuns like to vacation, with suggestions of my own.   After being silly (in print no less) I did get curious.

So I hiked up the bottom of my big girl bikini, climbed the dive tower called Curiosity, bounced once and plunged into the Pool of Confusion.

I did find a number of sites worrying about the opportunities for a son or daughter who went religious for  their family's opportunities to see and visit with them after acceptance.  In doing that I ran across horror stories about some of the cloisters/orders - made to eat dirt for not finishing one's dinner, to name only one - which would certainly encourage an endless vacation if it were me.  Sister Over-the-Wall would be the name. 

I never did get a handle on site-specific sources of vacation joy for the religious, but I did limit it to Catholics.  This is what I did find - a B&B in Wisconsin founded by a pair of fleeing religious.

The Chateau Chantal, near Traverse City, MI was founded by Robert, 12 years a Diocesan priest who left the order in 1972 to go into construction (okay to laugh here; I did) and Nadine, a Felician Sister who entered the order in 1950 and taught Home Ec for 22 years before vamoosing in 1972.   They met or had met; the literature didn't say, and married in 1974.  Together they built the European-style B&B and winery that exist today.  Photos show a lovely sprawling building out in the country and the amenities offered are varied - soaking pools, wine-themed dinners (having gotten a taste for wine at communion?,) winery and field tours and so forth.  Bucolic amusements for raging alcoholics? 

Rooms are $165 - $250
Suites are $195 - $315
Executive apartment is $415 - $600 and is "family suitable - full kitchen, two bedrooms" and so forth. 

In the event you feel like vacationing with a priest, but not like a priest.  And what they do and where they go other than perhaps the family home? is unknown to this writer. 

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