Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great Excitement!

Today I am sitting for my portrait.  Not because I am in any way famous, but because I painted a self-portrait in college when I was 20 years old.  The new portrait is to show how I've declined in looks in the intervening 56 years.  I warn potential viewers now that it will not be a pretty sight. 

Barbra Simpson and her husband, Jay, are fellow Thurs. Writers and are by no means the only professional artists in the group which includes Peggy Cohen, Richard L. Bradshaw and Laura Hines-Jurgen, accomplished artists all.  Google them to see samples of their excellent works.

Today's ego destroyer is happening because I showed it to Barbra and Jay asking for the name/firm of their framer.  The idea devolved from there. 

Actually, I think then and now portraits are an interesting thing.  Nothing else - except a pair of photos - could illustrate intervening time better.  And I told Barbra, "Don't overlook the fish lips, jowls, marionette chin lines... 'cause they're all there."  Disconcertingly she replied, "Oh, I paint the child within."    This will not end well.  Not because of any lack on Barbra's part.  She's talented, but the subject leaves a great deal to be desired.  Onward anyhow!

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