Wednesday, July 20, 2016

16 Tons

Tennessee Ernie Ford sang, "You load 16 tons, what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt."

Paraphrasing his hit song only a little, we took Fred our male cat to the vet (routine maintenance) and what did we get?

The news that he weighs 16 lbs. 5 oz.  And an unseemly wrestling match for both of us to keep him on the exam table.  He is strong.   That 16 lbs. goes where he wants it to go. 

Interestingly enough, all of our previous cats and now Fred exhibit the same instinct that sends them diving under the bed when guests arrive, but in this case, at the vet's with no bed available, an attempt to insert themselves into your armpit.  With some force.  Fred's determination almost knocked me off balance!  Looking down I saw what looked like a headless cat body and several paws.

Happily the vet, Dr. Yao, said admiringly, "He's a big guy!" and not any chiding words about "too fat cat."  Which would imply that Fred has money.  I can assure you that such is most assuredly NOT the case.

Dr. Yao remarked in passing that one of her male cats goes 20 lbs.  Large male cats are not unusual, compared to most females who are more delicately made and who then have owners that over-indulge them.  Picture a meatball on four toothpicks. 

To my surprise, I learned that show cats (bred and raised for the ring just like the competing Westminster dogs) often have post-spaying belly reduction surgery!  Yes!  Show cats are not all that they seem - they've had plastic surgery!

Fred, age two, does not require belly paring..  He's long and tall and it could be said that he carries his weight gracefully, if not forcefully at times.  Better still, barring accidents, the Rodeo de Fred doesn't take place for another year.  All three of us can wait.

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