Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Avoiding Soft Targets

It's a phrase that by now, sadly, we are accustomed to hearing.  From a gay disco in Florida to today's latest horror - a Catholic church south of Rouen France.  The 84 year old priest had retired age 75, but was still willing to fill in when the resident priest, such as the day of the attack, was on vacation. 

We will explore priest and nun vacation sites in another column.  I'd like to think they all go to clothing optional sites and get totally toasted on a daily basis on the drink of the country being visited.   Worth a look, don't you think?

Meanwhile.  Terrorists seem to have been taught early on - "Don't attack a bank - go for a place that either has no security whatsoever or very little." 

And thus we need to  be alert at:

County Fairs, Carnivals  - rent-a-cops who may be more interested in scoring a lemonade on a hot day than noticing anyone wearing a rather bulky-looking raincoat on a triple-digit day.

Summer festivals - and I am thinking that a sniper in one of the office buildings along Pier Avenue would have a great vantage point looking down at the masses of people at the bottom of the hill at the Pier Plaza.

The big, well-advertised bars - I don't think you need to fear being potted at your local watering hole.  Not enough of you to make it interesting or productive. 

Sporting events - barring NHRA or NASCAR events.  Having covered them it wouldn't surprise me to learn that  at least a third of the spectators are armed.  This includes the women.  They struck me as that type. 

You're probably safe on a golf course.  Much too tedious for a sniper to sit in a tree and wait patiently to pick off golfers two by two or four by four.  Bring sandwiches and a 6-pack or three, the horseshoes or bocce game,  the hell with golf, and enjoy a day in peace and freedom.


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