Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hitting the Bricks!

Brickworks Roasthouse and Grill, 3212-A Sepulveda (Manhattan Beach Mall)

It has been too long since I've had a new restaurant for you.  We (Richie and self) are guilty of an all-to-human laziness - such-and-such restaurant has such-and-such dish and "I feel like (fill in) tonight."  This is, of course, good for the resto but not so much for bored diners. 

In an effort to ingratiate myself with you once again ...

Brickworks (if I may be so familiar) occupies the old space where LA Foods (a favorite) used to be.  It is almost directly across the vast parking lot from Tin Roof Bistro (a perenial favorite.)  They've kept the same layout and the colors are still soothing black and greys with burgundy-colored booths.  

Despite an interior with all hard surfaces, the better for any noise to bounce back and slap you in the face, it was quiet.  It was also 6:30 p.m. and clearly the hip MB crowd doesn't dine until later.  Quiet and a happy hour that extends to 7 p.m. are not by any means hardship duty.

We started with an order (4) of deviled eggs ($6.95) - the second time we've seen this - Hop Saint was the first. Both are regulation deviled eggs with a frond of cooked bacon and a scattering of  chopped scallions.  Quite tasty but a tad on the salty side here and bland there at Hop Saint.  I had a dirty gin martini (Tanqueray $12) and Richie a Stella ($7.)  As a further possible copy cat move, both restaurants offer a cornbread appetizer.  It was a huge martini in the appropriate glass.  It was so big and so full that I had to lean forward and take a swig without raising the glass. 

The half rack of ribs with French fries, cole slaw ($20.95) and a side order of onion straws ($4.95) was mine.  I never touched the French fries; am a fool for onion straws.  Richie ordered and ate all of a Chicken Burgundy (19.95)  "It was too ... you saw the two small chicken breasts - flattened, whipped (mashed) potatoes with the Burgundy mushroom sauce with some asparagus - maybe one or two cut up - one or two green beans cut up - it was flavorful, not outstanding..  Quite a bit of potatoes."

I had a glass of  Lamarca sparkling prosecco ($8) for a  total of $86.98.  Thus $8 and $8 is $16, the tip for a grand total of $102.98.  And I had the rest of my dinner last night which is three meals altogether.

I liked it and I'd go back.  Richie said he would, too - "Didn't get poisoned..."  Faint praise.


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