Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Others on Being Targets

I wrote Michelle, who is at her vacation home in a little town not far from Quimper, France, and said, "Don't go to church" since the church outside of Rouens is not that far from her location. 

She wrote back, "ISIS is everywhere now!  I think it's the beginning of civil war ... always watching in the front, back, left and right if there is any Arabic..."

And Richie was uncharacteristically angry at the IS news this morning.  He said, "They shouldn't call them 'ISIS' - they should call them stupid!"

And I said, "No, they're not, unfortunately - they are planners and executers of those plans."

He said, still angry, "Well they should refer to them as 'animals' 'cause that's what they are!" and no one could really argue with that. 


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