Sunday, July 3, 2016

America Heads Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice

The utter incongruity of today's political news has stunned and disgusted me.  A Presidential candidate reportedly spent 3 1/2 hours yesterday chatting with the FBI - notably at their offices - presumably to quash rumors she had inadvertently disclosed confidential information through a combination of ineptitude and stubbornness regarding the means of proper dispensation of top secret information. 

Prior to this visit, she was under potential indictment for said acts.  Whether she will or won't be charged is unclear at this point in time.

To me it is incomprehensible that a candidate for President of the United States is in this situation and has not recused herself from the election.

Adding further to my sense of disorientation is the fact that the sitting President of the United States is going campaigning with her in Charlotte, NC, next week. 

Where did we all go wrong?

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