Saturday, September 7, 2013


That's the initials for the British "Ta ta for now."  We are flying to London this afternoon.  We won't be there very long; we're billing it as the Tourists Overview of Famous Stuff in London.

We'll be flying British Air, a new experience for us.  Their Website says that for mid-afternoon departures, they serve "tea."  Pictured was a nice cuppa plus an overflowing basket of various pastries.  I won't drink the tea because it's got caffeine and I want to sleep most of the way, but I can probably makes serious dents in the goodies bowl.

In a (largely vain) effort to balance outgo vs. income (and outgo is currently ahead two to one) we've rented the house to members of a S.W.A.T. team,   in town for a convention of some sort.   A friend who is a former LA County Sheriff mentioned it in casual conversation and I jumped at the chance to get two for one -- reduced rent for household protection.

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