Friday, September 6, 2013

Bacon Is So 2011 -- Or Is It?

Remember the publicity Denny's got with their Bacon Maple Sundaes (in 2011)?  I did and mentally snickered at all the bacon dishes I was seeing on Las Vegas menus.

We will gloss over the Bacon Roll incident at the Bellagio and move on.

One late morning heading toward noon, I had a bacon/lettuce/tomato/avocado sandwich at the Flamingo cafe.  With onion rings.  That cafe has a rather strange "breakfast" menu, if you ask me (and of course, no one did.)

When I discovered that the redoubtable Pinks Hot Dogs, famous in Los Angeles for 60 years, had opened a satellite stand in Planet Hollywood, I bragged the place up enough that our party was anxious to try it.  I saw no point in revealing to them that the first Pinks chili dog I'd ever had (and last) made me as sick as a dog for three days.  That was 40 years ago; surely Pinks had improved their chili. 

I ordered a Bacon Burrito which consisted of:  one 12-in. flour tortilla, stuffed with two hot dogs, two slices of American cheese, three strips of bacon, a splosh of chili and a handful of chopped onion ($7.99)  I could only manage to down about a third of it so I carefully re-wrapped it, stuck in my purse and then put it in our little room refrigerator.  I finally finished it off yesterday (Thursday.) 

My last bacon foray was at Center Cut, Flamingo.  I must say the ad for it was deceptive... It looked like this  Center CUT.  The real CUT is Wolfgang Puck's and it's in the Venetian.  Caveat emptor, eh?

I started off with a Caesar salad and then into the Trio Bacon Satay ($14) which consisted of three portions each of chili-peppered, blue cheese crusted and plain with pink rock salt.  Both the chili-peppered and the accompanying dipping sauce would have seared my tonsils off were they not already gone.  "Hot" is understatement. 

So bacon is clearly flourishing in Las Vegas.  Denny's is celebrating a "Baconalia."  Clearly I dropped the ball, Vegas; apologies.  Bacon is still chic. 

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