Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lunch Time

After Richie floated off of the Eye, wrapped in bliss, we got down to more mundane matters, i.e., lunch.

We hiked over the Millenium Bridge to an area near Trafalgar Square where the Sherlock Holmes caught our eyes.    The downstairs is the pub part and upstairs is the more formal restaurant although one can eat in the pub part.

Richie ordered a Ploughman's Special (8.95 pounds) and we shared an order of garlic mushrooms in a cream sauce over crispy bread (which wasn't when the sauce settled in and made itself at home.)  5.95 pounds  I ordered a "giant Yorkshire pudding" with beef gravy and could manage only about one-third of it.  When the Brits say "giant,"  much like Texas' emphasis on size, they aren't kidding. 
This is a typical pub and restaurant - old building, tons of flowers.

The Ploughman's Lunch

The Giant Yorkshire Pudding - that's a normal-sized fork to give you an idea

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 is the second floor museum (so to speak).  The restroom key (unisex bathroom) was attached to a giant magnifying glass.

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