Thursday, September 26, 2013

Haworth, Home of the Bronte Sisters

When our hosts Anne and Frank first suggested visiting the former home of the Bronte family, I was privately kind of jealous.  I remember thinking, "I'm a writer, too!  And no one cares about my old family home."  Yes, well, my mental health provider is working on this.

Haworth, the home village of these worthies, was first mentioned as a colony in 1209.  Today the main industry is tourism and the population in 2011 was a mere 6,379 souls.

The Brontes came to Haworth in 1820 because the pater familias was assigned there as the Perpetual urate of the church.  The church is conveniently located a short way from the house.  And they lived in that house for the rest of their lives, as short-lived as some of them proved to be.

By 1822, Mrs. Bronte and two of the older daughters - Marie and Elizabeth - had all died.  The only son, Branwell, because a dissolute drinker and died in 1848 with his family gathered around him.  As he had been considered a danger to himself and others prior to his demise, it is likely that some family members weren't all that grief stricken

Mr. Bronte died in 1861 at the ripe old age (for those times) of 84.  He had outlived not only his wife, but all of his children as well. 
Inside, many of the original fittings still exist.
This pharmacy was once owned by Anne's grandfather

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