Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Oddities in London

After touring the Tate, we ankled over to the Albion (pub) for lunch.  Richie ordered the Classic Burger (10.20 pounds) and I threw caution to the winds and ordered the BBQ Pulled Pork with colelsaw and chips (9 pounds.)

London BBQ Pulled Pork
 I thought that it would surely come with malt vinegar as "barbecue sauce" since malt vinegar is the sauce-of-choice. 

Pubs are replacing the use of china plates for sandwiches and such with 2 in. thick wooden planks.  They aren't as sanitary as china - germs sink into the wood.

The older the building, the more likely the unisex bathroom will be up stairs.

Speaking of toilets, Tube station toilets are usually 50 pence per use, bu the ones at Blackfriar station are free!  Make a note

Trenchant sign in a pub bathroom:
A night you'll never forget/A night you can't remember.  Pace yourself!

Euston Station's Ladies room has a couple of "wide cubicles" for the anorexically challenged.  So - they DO have fat people there after all. 

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