Sunday, September 29, 2013

Part II

We dined at The Craven Heifer Inn, in Colne.  Villages are rather sparse on the ground in and around the Dales and often you will find a restaurant, bar AND hotel all in the same set of buildings.  The Craven Heifer Inn is one of them. 

I interrupted myself to show you the pictures of the food.  My starter was billed as "Prawn Puffs" which came with a chili sweet sauce and a half a plate of fancy lettuce salad.

Frank ordered "gammon and egg" which interested me as to American eyes (mine) it looked like a large ham steak with a fried egg on top.  It turns out that "gammon" and ham both come from the hind l
Looking straight down on an Eton Mess

In all it's full glory...
eg of a pig, but gammon is cured with the bacon; ham is (usually) brined. 

Richie ordered an "Eton Mess" which is a wild combination of berries, ice cream, meringue, topped with toffee sauce and Chantilly cream.  If I can't get the picture to stand up right, my apologies. 

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