Monday, September 16, 2013

Random Thoughts from a Recovering Mind

And that would be from jet lag.  I've started transcribing notes and have made it to Day 2, but as I'm transcribing, I'm adding details, specific memories - in short: this thing called "writing."

This is a general topic and it's this:  the generic British do not like spicy or "hot" foods.  Before we ever left, a guy at Redondo Tobacco upon learning we were going to London, asked, "Do you like hot foods?" 

"Yes!" I enthused.

"Well, take a little bottle of Tabasco with you - only a few places have ever heard of it."  I laughed at the absurdity of carrying a little bottle of Tabasco around with me.

I rued my laughter when I realized that Burning Hot! to many of the English is:  (drum roll) malt vinegar, used on chips (fries.  "Crisps" are potato chips.) 

I ignored my first clue.  Aboard the flight to London, I decided to have a Bloody Mary.  What the hell - I wasn't driving! 

The flight attendant politely handed me a can of tomato juice and one of those little airplane bottles of vodka and a plastic cup of ice.  "Bloody" Mary indeed!  It was an odd drink and my tongue and brain kept waiting for the usual kick which never came.

At the hotel dining room, I ordered a gin martini.  "Of course, mohdam (madam" said in Britspeak.)   He brought a clear liquid in a short glass on the rocks.  I grinned with anticipation and took a swallow and thought I was hallucinating somehow.  It was sweet!  He'd used Sweet vermouth.  "  He tried again with dry but my fervour had faded.

Another late afternoon we went into a pub not far from the hotel and since it was a crowd of 30-somethings, I thought I'd have better luck.  When I ordered a gin martini, the bartender asked with interest, "What's that?"  I explained and he said, "We don't serve many mixed drinks -- just mainly beer and wine."  And shrugged.  Clearly the customer is not always right and he was letting me know it.  I sighed and ordered a gin and tonic. 

My advice is to bring the bottle of Tabasco.  You never know where you'll need it.  Oh! and you might import a bottle of the proper vermouth for a gin martini.  Gin, they've got!

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