Monday, July 22, 2013

The Curious Naming of British Royals

Amidst all of the Royal Baby! furor, I began wondering, "Why do the Brits give their royal children so many names?"  Do they believe that it would easy to mistake one of Them for a mere commoner? 

 Or that the more names one has, the more powerful (and rich) one is?

Is it to provide future comfort for someone who will only be addressed by title and first name for their entire lives?  So that the person named can say, "Well although you address me as (title) (first name) I have other names -- many other names."

Prince Charles - christened Charles Phillip Arthur George

Prince William - William Arthur Phillip Louis

Prince Harry - Henry Charles Albert David

Queen Elizabeth - Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor - it was her father, George V, who obtained a last name for them.

But the all-time prize was the late King Edward VII -- Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David.  He used "David" in his personal life.    I think the "VII" in his title referred to the fact that he has seven first names!  Poor Mrs. Simpson on her wedding day.

The late Princess Diana flipped Arthur George to George Arthur at her wedding.  Perhaps that nullified the wedding?  We'll never know for sure, but apparently not. 

Best of luck, New Royal Baby!

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