Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

We've been invited to a friend's neighborhood block party and we're excited about that as we've never been to a block party.  We understand that a section of the street is blocked off - no vehicular traffic - and that the Redondo Beach Fire Department will make a visit to allow the kids to climb all over the equipment and use the water hoses. 

Everyone was asked to bring a potluck dish so I'm making a jalapeno potato salad and "Green Peppers" and Richie is making guacamole with chips.  I printed labels of the contents of each dish to stick on their containers.  It's the price of living in a world full of people with food allergies or gluten fears or whatever is the latest food fad avoidance. 

Full story and photos tomorrow!

Warnings... the fines for drunken behavior in Hermosa Beach will be tripled today.  Fireworks of any kind are illegal here.  Nevertheless, some idiots won't get the memo or will ignore it, so make sure your pets have a safe haven away from the noise. 

This is a recipe from the South of France and is good in the summer time.
1 green pepper, cut in slices
1 garlic clove, diced and rubbed into a pinch of sea salt.
Olive oil into the garlic/salt and stir
Add the green pepper slices, mix and serve cold. 

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