Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Canadian "Loonies" III

New beers were popped and the conversation got louder.  The restaurant had long since been swiped down and the wrought iron entry gate closed and locked.   I said, "You know there are other guests here... we ought to keep it fairly quiet." 

What with Sue pouncing on me every time I went to the bathroom and Queen Me!Me! rattling on and on, I could wish that the conversation now included, "Well, we've had a wonderful time ... it was so nice to meet you all!" as they sauntered out into the night.

Finally, finally with Charlie making a great fuss about collecting her enormous purse and little bags of loot and Sue hugging me and whispering in my ear, "I love you!  Thank you!  I'm not the crazy one!" which I thought was something of a premature diagnosis on her part, they all left.

They had assured us that their hotel was "only a 10 minute walk away!  Don't be silly, we can go alone." 

Rafael and Richie exchanged a look and rose as one to their feet.  "We'll walk you" they said firmly. 

I finished my cigarette, drained my beer can and went to bed.  I mused briefly about the evening and went to sleep.

In the morning, Richie handed me a small bottle of vanilla (sold all over Mexico) and a note scrawled on a piece of ripped-off, brown paper towel.  The note read, "Dear Nina - Thank you so much! love, Sue."  She'd obviously bought the vanilla at the liquor store during one of the beer runs and left it in our room.  Kind of eerie...

It turns out that the sisters' hotel wasn't a 10-minute walk, but nearly all the way across Cabo.  We should have just called them a cab.  Or ... let them take their chances.  I was sure Charlie could bore any abductor into freeing them within minutes of being accosted.

I had to buy breakfast to get back into Richie and Rafae's good graces.  Too bad I couldn't use Canadian loonies...

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