Monday, July 15, 2013

Psst... Got $38m For the 20% Down Payment?

For Sale:  Copper Beech Farm, Greenwich, CN - $190 million

It was built in 1896, 117 years ago, and owned by one family since 1904.  The house still contains the original speaking tubes to the servants along with the sleeping porches used because air conditioning hadn't been invented yet. 

It is the only 50-acre water front estate in all of Greenwich.  But that's not all, folks!  There are two islands on Long Island Sound that come with your purchase! 

No one will gawk at you or your house as the  driveway is 1,800 ft. long.

The three-story home of 15,00 sq. ft. contains a wine cellar, "several" laundries , 12 bedrooms, a basement kitchen,  a tennis court with viewing pergola, a 75 ft. heated swimming pool with pool house which could be rigged up for extra guests.

Price tag notwithstanding, set aside even more money for a decorator.  The house is structurally sound, but the interior really could use a decorator.  Can you imagine?  A $190 million fixer-upper?  The mythical gods of Croesus and  Midas must be laughing in their fists. 

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