Sunday, August 4, 2013

WhoYou Callin' Chicken?

Food + Wine's September issue is concerned with all things chicken.  In addition to the recipes, cooking hints, suggestions and cool tips this time, the editors have included an "Ayam Cemani" which is a totally black breed of chicken from Indonesia.  "Ayam" means "black" and "cemani" means completely black.  These birds have black feathers, comb, nails and even their internal organs.  Paul Brachsaw of Greenfire Farms, Florida, is breeding them, but he won't have chicks to sell until early 2014. 

The hens only produce 80 eggs (white shell with a pinkish cast) per year and they don't sit on them.  Want a pair for your backyard?  $5,000 the pair.

Chef Michael Symon offers the reader some made-for-chicken dry rubs.  He says to take 2 T of each ingrediet listed, toast them in a dry skillet and then  use a mortar or spice grinder to mix before application to the chicken (or whatever else suits your fancy.) 

No. 1 - coriander seeds, dried lemon peel, ground ginger

No. 2 - cumin seeds, smoked paprika, chipotle powder

No. 3 - dried oregano, dried orange peel, granulated garlic

No. 4 - fennel seeds, dried orange peel, onion powder

No. 5 - pink peppercorns, dried rosemary, granulated garlic

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