Thursday, August 29, 2013

In The Throes of Packing

I never ever thought I would say this of myself, but I packed four (four) pairs of shoes for Vegas and I will be wearing pair #5. 

I admit that I really like shoes and have a wardrobe (?) of them suitable to many different occasions -- for instance, a visit to Texas - black cherry lizard cowboy boots.  Halloween costume:  construction boots, white socks, tan Bermuda shorts, white t-shirt, hard hat and clipboard.  I bet I could get into a bank vault wearing them, too.  No one pays any attention to construction workers with a clipboard except to avoid them.   Wooden-soled raffia clogs. What on earth was I thinking? 

But taking three pairs of topsiders and a pair of fancy pool flip flops to Vegas could be considered, well, a bit much.  You can only wear one pair at a time after all.

                             HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND, ALL!

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