Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things Not To Worry About Today

A friend wanted to know what on earth I've been talking about for the past two days.  It was perfectly clear to me, but then again, I was doing the negotiation dance.  Which failed utterly as I learned this morning.  A friend of ours sold his Truck and had written a lovely thank you to the Truck and I wanted to run it.  He said many of the things that I love about my Truck.  (Both are nicknamed "Truck.") 

For the past 26 years, Truck has taken me safely to such as Las Vegas, Barstow, Palm Springs and all around our town without ever breaking down someplace inaccessible to help.  There have been very few times, indeed, that she's broken down -- the last time was three blocks from our house!  How's that for being accomodating? 

There are good reasons to love a vehicle and to be grateful to it.  And it's nice to be able to say "Thank you, faithful Truck."


There is supposed to be a 50-city walkout of McDonald's employees today, and while we have three in our general area, I doubt that the employees will walk out.  This is the Beach, man!  We don't get all lathered up about stuff like "a living wage"!  Surf's up!

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