Thursday, August 1, 2013

Random Acts of Wine-ness

My nephew Steve is a professional sommelier and the food and beverage manager at a resort in northwest Illinois.

He'd e'd me last week to say that he was sending us a bottle of wine and that it should arrive on Tuesday of this week.  It did.  From our correspondence.

Nina to Steve:  It got here -- in one piece, no leaks!  It was in its box on our front porch before 10 a.m.  I rarely start drinking wine at that hour of the morning, but if it's the wine I remember from Christmas, it did take restraint.

By the way, it was your birthday the 19th, not mine (thank God) so how come this bottle?  Do you plan to be dead by Christmas or something?  I won't tell your mother; she worries enough as it is.

We really appreciate your gift and your thoughtfulness, love Ancient Auntie.

Steve to Nina:  I'm hoping to start a new craze in the wine business.  Random Acts of Wine-ness - spread love the world wide in wine form.

Be sure to pay it forward.   Let me know what you think of the bottle...

The Wine in Question
The wine in question is a Burgans Albarino from Rias Baixas, Spain.   I Googled it and read that it has notes of lemon, peach and tropical fruit aromas.  The taste is round, ripe and savory with a slightly exotic personality.  It's said to be nicely textured, and over-delivers in the finish.  
It is the same wine we received previously and we loved it then.  It's attractively packaged with bright orange, deep green and cream being the colors on the label.   The bottle wore a tag around its neck with these instructions:

Drink Date __/___/____
Order again - yes ___  no ___
Food Pairing: 

And don't forget to participate in Random Acts of Wine-ness!

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