Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pious Hypocrasy and Incredulous Disbelief

When did American presidential campaigns turn into a combination of TMZ and any Kardashian?  It is beyond depressing to see and hear grown ups acting like 2 year olds in a sandbox. I want to hear specifics - immigration?  candidate says,  "I will (fill in.)"  "What do you think of taxation and most especially the proposed 65% death tax?"

Pious Hypocrisy
This latest brouha about what Trump said about his technique 10 years ago is irrelevant.  It could be pointed out (but never, ever by the MSM) that Miz Hillary is known to family, friends and the Secret Service and White House staff to have a real toilet tongue.  "Fuck" lives in her mouth nor are "kike" or "nigger" strangers there.  Both of which I consider more damning than "grab 'em by the pussy" which would get most men a black eye.  And deservedly so.

Incredulous Disbelief
And that is that any candidate so close to an election would bow out because something said, off mic, 10 years ago!  How insane would that be?  And then the candidate would go quietly into the deepening dusk and live a monastic life thereafter? 

Are they crazy?  Living in some kind of made up dream world where Gallantry Is All?  A brief on every one of them that is oh so earnestly pleading for Trump to quit would provide some interesting reading.  The Senate alone is a kind of not-yet-locked-up but guilty of:  drunk driving with and without injuries to others, fraud, non-payment of income tax, spouse beating and more. 

I can kind of understand Hillary and aide Huma's tight relationship due to the fact that they're both married to sexual deviants but they're deflecting the hate in the wrong direction.  "Man up" (so to speak) I say, "and kick them to the curb after getting every dime or asset you can get your hands on.  Don't bother us with your inability to deal with it.  We're trying to elect a President here." 

As far as Clinton's didoes, I said at the time and I still say now - I wouldn't care if he was doing the Democrat donkey on the Oval Room desk, but:  He lied.  That is what was wrong.

Let's get back to politics as they are meant to be done?  Pack away the sand pails and the tiny little dirt-digging shovels, pull up your grown-up panties and get the hell on with what people want to hear, not this totally irrelevant  vicious nonsense.  You're hearing it from me:  ludicrous, not productive and a real pain in the ass to have to listen to - stop it right now or you'll get sent to your rooms.  I mean it!  Don't make me get out the belt.

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