Saturday, November 21, 2015

This'n That

I wrote Michelle, cancelling our visit until perhaps February.  Here is her reply:  You are right.  It's a good decision to delay your trip till February although I am missing you.  It worried me to know you were traveling in such a bad international situation.

H/T to Doug Vermillion, of Anderson, IN.

Six Arabic countries are making it very difficult for Syrian refugees to relocate to them.  They are:
Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Jordan and Lebanon have about 2 million refugees between them. 

source:   Time magazine

A New and Useful Site
Checking to see if Air France flights from Paris into the US had been cancelled as was reported to me, I came across    which lists airlines I didn't even know existed as to cancellation and delays.   Based on information gathered here, the sky is full of airplanes!

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