Thursday, November 19, 2015

Terror Tidbits

An online poster:  (blurred photo of Bataclan nightclub floor with bodies)

     Celebrating Diversity
  One Massacre at a Time


Michelle wrote that the First Minister advised residents that the terrorists have access to sarin, the deadly gas and not to be surprised if she meets us with green hair and no teeth.

I replied that here we have green, purple, orange  hair -- by choice!  And in contrast to sarin, our best counter offer would have to be anthrax in an envelope in the mail which is a very limited kill rate, at best.


Re Religion
Organized religion is responsible for more wars in world history than any other thing.

What kind of a "religion" asks you to kill every one else who doesn't believe in your religion?  This seems rather counter productive to me ...


Terrorists are not the crispest cookies in the box - when they try to blow up an airplane in mid-flight, they are expecting  a minimum of number of people on that particular aircraft.  Now, if they detonated the plane at the gate, think of the kill rate they could get.


Syrian "refugees"

Would you welcome a complete stranger into your home? 

America is OUR home; don't even think about it. 

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