Friday, July 14, 2017

Silly Food Season - Unicorn Food and Outrageous County Fair Foods

The discerning and the literal among us would say that since there is not and never has been a "unicorn" it would be impossible to eat "unicorn food."

When I first heard the phrase, I wondered, "Some kind of designer hay?"  Because except for the single horn thing, they have always been pictured with a horse's body.  And the depiction of this mythical creature is always white.  Wait'll BLM hears about this!

Turns out it can be a Starbuck's Unicorn Frappuccino or a cupcake, ice cream sundae or cone, or a slice of toast or a waffle ... what these all have in common is being decorated to within an inch of their lives - or yours if you eat this crap - with heaps of sprinkles and frosting, most often cream cheese.  However, the dyes used to create rainbow colors for a cream cheese frosting are made with vegetable dyes -- "So organic, Dahling" - blueberries for blue, beets for red ...

The Orange County Fair kicks off the fair season with some extremely strange things you can ingest if not, in fact, digest.  We'll warm up softly with last year's biggies - caviar-topped Twinkies.  Deep-fried dill pickles stuffed with peanut butter. 

This year's biggie is the back leg - 5 lbs. worth - of pig leg.  Bacon-wrapped Brussel sprouts or asparagus are flying off of the counters ...  bacon clearly isn't "so last year" yet although it's been more than a year since Denny's offered bacon sundaes. 

Which I'm happy to say I missed.

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