Saturday, June 17, 2017

Fathers' Day - "It's Just a Second Christmas For Dad"

So the newspapers scorned this holiday.  It took awhile for it to become a holiday, too.  Sonora Dodd, of Spokane,  wanted to honor her Dad, a Civil War veteran, who single-handedly raised her and her five siblings and she got the ball rolling for this holiday in 1910.

It wasn't until 1972 that it officially became a U.S. holiday when Nixon signed it in to law. 

Merchants were thrilled as the "traditional" gifts for males went zooming out the door - namely ties, amusingly-decorated socks, cufflinks, golf balls, slippers, wallets, after shaves, belts, tools and cute mugs flew off of their shelves.  In 2014, in Great Britain, loving children spent more than $770 million on dear old Dad.

I cruised Real Simple, the magazine, for guidance despite the fact that my own father would be 113 were he here to celebrate.

A Yeti Tundra Cooler which holds 14 cans of beer plus ice for $250.  Styrofoam from the supermarket at 99 cents makes more sense.

It's not a Harry & David Fruit of the Month, but it is three pairs of socks every three months for $89.  This must be for Forgetful Dad or the unfortunate father that owns the Dryer That Eats Socks.

And another monthly treat is a box of custom beauty aids for him including pomade, after-shave, etc. designed to suit if Dad is a variety of offered personalities - you know, like Lumbar Guy or Dancing Dad ...

Lastly there is the Sausage Bouquet - three salamis - one each from France, Spain and Italy, all individually wrapped in butcher paper, folded in to a larger sheet, like a bouquet of flowers for $50.  You can do twice that number of sausages at Trader Joe's or Hickory Farms for a lot less than $50!

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